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The Best In Orthodontic Technology

Southside Orthodontics is serious about providing the best orthodontic care and treatment. That’s why we invest in top technology to customize your treatment. For example, we use a modern digital x-ray scanner that provides a more detailed photo of your mouth with less radiation than older machines. We also use the iTero 3D scanner that provides a detailed image of your mouth and is optimized to work with the Invisalign system.

iTero 3D Scanner

The iTero 3D scanner takes a detailed, 3D image of your mouth. Then, special software processes that image and allows you to see your mouth from every angle.

Digital X-Rays

The latest digital x-ray machines are a far cry from the bulky machines of yesterday. These produce more detailed images with less time and radiation than older machines.

Less Claustrophobic

Our scanner and x-ray machines are more open than the older, bulky machines. That makes them easier to use for those who are uncomfortable with enclosed spaces.

No more Goop

No more goopy trays to get impressions of your teeth! Today’s technology provides more detail in less time, and without the gritty, goopy mess!

Say Goodbye To Goop

Our Technology Is Faster, More Detailed and Cleaner

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If your parents had braces, they could tell you about the old days of plaster teeth impressions. It meant biting down on gritty, goopy metal trays, then trying to get that mess out of your teeth! Yuck!

Thankfully, orthodontics has come far since then. Today’s technology uses handheld and stand-up scanners and digital x-ray machines to get detailed, vibrant 3D images of your mouth. Then, those images are processed in software that allows us to view your mouth from any angle. Combined, that technology allows us to create the ideal treatment plan for you, so you get that beautiful smile you’ve always wanted!

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